Thursday, April 3, 2014

A-B-C Cookies and Baby Block Cake

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Anyways, you are probably here for the food so let me tell you about these cookies and cake...

Are you looking for cute but easy cookies for a baby shower or 1st birthday? I made these for a friend who was hosting a baby block themed baby shower. They are lemon-vanilla sugar cookies decorated with royal icing. I used royal icing because they were going to be packaged up as thank you favors. If you don't want to deal with royal icing and are making these for a platter, then just use your favorite buttercream frosting or icing. 

The cookie cutters that I used are from this set. They are quite large so I placed one cookie in each treat bag. You could also make small cookies and put 2-3 in each bag. 

Here is the cake that went with the cookies:

The cake is a 3 layer, 6-inch square white cake with vanilla-almond buttercream frosting, covered in homemade marshmallow fondant. The decorations are also fondant. The letters were cut with the same cookie cutters as the sugar cookies. 

I think it turned out super cute, but man, why are square cakes SO much work? You have to get everything perfectly level and have clean edges. And then try to get sharp edges after covering in fondant. This cake took some time, but at least the cookies were easy!

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