Thursday, March 20, 2014

D is for Dinosaur Craft

My kid is obsessed with dinosaurs. He runs around the house pretending to be Dino Dan. Last night he begged me to open the back door so that his pet Pterodactyl could come in and go to bed. He made sure that we helped his "pet" go potty, get his PJs on, and brush his teeth. I love the preschooler age - they have such active imaginations! 

Today, he was running around the house chasing after his sister, when out of the blue, he stopped and asked "Mom, can we make dinosaurs?"

My response: Ummm...sure...I'd love to make dinosaurs. What kind of dinosaurs are you talking about?

A super huge one like T-Rex so it can stomp around our house!!

Wait, you want a real one?

Yeah. That would be awesome!

How about we do a dinosaur craft instead?

That would awesome too!

Me (thinking in my head): Phewww...glad he went for that one. Wait, why does he say awesome all the time? No, it can't be from me. Must be preschool...

I like to blame everything on preschool. Oh, you're sick again? Preschool. Excuse me, what did you just say? Preschool. Where did you pick up that attitude? Preschool. I honestly love his preschool, but he can learn some pretty interesting things from the other kids. You know what I'm talking about. ;)

Anyways, back to the craft...

Supplies needed:
- paper plates (dinner size)
- scissors
- glue or staples
- paint (or markers/crayons)
- googly eyes (optional)

Step 1: Make a template on the paper plate, and cut out the pieces. I made a Diploducus and Stegosaurus. 

Step 2: Glue or tape the pieces to the body. I used regular school glue so I had to hold each piece on for a minute while the glue dried. (For my toddler, I didn't cut out the body of the Diploducus. This left more room for her to color with markers.)

Step 3: Once the glue is dry, decorate! We used these paints, but you could use watercolor paints, markers, crayons, or finger paint. Set aside to dry completely.

Step 4: Once the paint is dry, glue on a goggly eye and draw on a smile. You could also punch a hole for an eye or just draw on an eye with a marker. 

My kids had SO much fun doing this craft!! My son was so proud of his dinosaur and couldn't wait to show his dad. My daughter ran around the house with her dinosaur yelling ROOOAAARRR! It was also a great opportunity to talk about the letter D, the "duh" sound, and what colors we were using. I can't wait to try this idea with other letters too...

(In case you are curious, this is the art desk we use for the kids.) 

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