Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Citrus Smoothie

My family can't get enough of smoothies, and this is one of our favorites. It makes a perfect breakfast or mid-morning snack. Packed with tons of vitamin C, this is also great if you are feeling a little run-down or feel like a cold is coming on. I always have these ingredients on hand, but feel free to change up the fruits as you like. And here's a tip: canned fruit works great in smoothies, in addition to frozen fruit. In the middle of winter when the fruit selection isn't exceptional or if the fresh fruit is a little pricey, use canned fruit and frozen fruit and save yourself lots of $. And if you are feeling extra adventurous, then turn this smoothie into a Green Monster by adding spinach. 

Citrus Smoothie
Servings: 2

1 banana
1 peach (fresh or canned)
1 cup frozen mango
1 cup frozen pineapple
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt
3/4 cup orange juice

Blend all of the ingredients together in a blender until smooth. Serve immediately.

Source: A Much Kneaded original

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